Public Services

We have many clients who use local public services and need easy access to administrative and dispensing services. While we often market to “upscale” and “luxury” clients, we offer pro bono services around the city because we believe that everyone deserves a warm, safe, comfortable home – not just those who lucked into the income or wealth to buy it.

We have arrangements with our local Housing and Urban Development to link clients to affordable subsidized housing. We are always looking for ways to improve our reach and our outreach by collaborating with local housing activist groups.

As a company committed to social equity, some of the fees built into the general services go towards our public services sector. This is an open and honest discussion whenever we take on new clients. We are not interested in representing clients who don’t have a vested interest in the public good.

After all – a city is only as good, safe, and comfortable as its neediest inhabitants. We work to ensure that the wealth disparity doesn’t reflect too much in the housing that we provide.