Everyone’s heard the adage “Location Location Location” as being the most important aspect of real estate, and sure this can be true. However, in a city like Chicago, there are beautiful homes everywhere and it’s more about how much you want to spend than where you want to be.


You can find a gorgeous, spacious family home with a yard and a fence on the far north side (a 40-minute train ride to John Hancock) for what you’d pay on a 2-bedroom 1-bathroom loft on the Gold Coast (3-minute walk to John Hancock).


If you’re looking to rent your place out, we’ll happily come through and see it and help you determine a reasonable rent price based on size, quality, and location. Please have your HOA documents ready as we like to review these to ensure renting is allowable. Check out our Contact Us site to fill out a questionnaire and get started.


And if you’re looking for a place to rent, we usually have 6-8 listings at a time that you can review on our Available Apartments link.


Wherever you picture yourself living, we’ll help you make sure it happens. Living in such a beautiful, eclectic city is a blessing. Whether you’re a Logan Square artist, a downtown financier, or a north side family – we’ll figure out where you fit and stick you there!