Because so many of our renters travel so often for work or pleasure and we want to be able to guarantee a greater peace of mind, we have been upgrading all units that we represent to have the most up-to-date safety and security features. For current tenants, this is an Opt-In opportunity but for all … [Read more…]


Bringing your furry friends or family members on a move can add in a whole component to navigate, don’t worry we’re here to help with that! First of all, before we start scouting spots for you, we’ll need to know the details about your pet(s). Some buildings have a strict No Pets rule, some have a No Dogs … [Read more…]


While you’ll have the good fortune to live in an individual-owned condominium apartment, you and the owners will not have any contact. Because of potential for awkward and uncomfortable circumstances, we act as the go-between to ensure the needs of both parties are being met. Any repairs or updates needed at the apartment will be … [Read more…]


We have a ton of experience placing new tenants based on their living, work and commuting needs. If you need parking and easy access to the highway, we’ll find a place. If you’re a public transit rider, we’ll figure out where you need to get and present some options with easy, nearby transit options.   … [Read more…]


Talk to us about any amenities you’re looking for. Because we deal mainly in high end and luxury condominium rentals, we have a long list of amenities as such. We have the basics: gym, pool, rooftop lounge areas, garbage pick-up, in-building dry cleaning, and front door security.   We have building offering remote work facilities … [Read more…]


We also offer shopping and staging for those of you who need a place to live but need it set up before you get there. Work with one of our home preparation consultants to get your things moved in, new items set up, or both depending on your level of engagement.   Level 1 is … [Read more…]

Not ready to buy, sick of renting

Buying a home can be a huge, scary investment – time, resources, energy and of course money. Just because you’re sick of renting, dealing with landlords, and spending money with no return doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to buy a place.   Renting a high-end or luxury apartment with us brings you the best of … [Read more…]


Everyone’s heard the adage “Location Location Location” as being the most important aspect of real estate, and sure this can be true. However, in a city like Chicago, there are beautiful homes everywhere and it’s more about how much you want to spend than where you want to be.   You can find a gorgeous, … [Read more…]