Not ready to buy, sick of renting

Buying a home can be a huge, scary investment – time, resources, energy and of course money. Just because you’re sick of renting, dealing with landlords, and spending money with no return doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to buy a place.


Renting a high-end or luxury apartment with us brings you the best of both worlds: you pay a deposit and rent like a typical renter, but the service you get from us as representatives for the owner and HOA and the quality of the units is far superior. It’s condo-living without condo-paying.


We’ll also help with the logistics of your move. We have movers and decorators on staff to make sure that your now abode suits you and your style. If you need parking and the building doesn’t offer it, if you need to make changes to your commute, if you’re moving to the city from elsewhere and need a representative for the entire viewing and leasing process, we’re here to help!


We want this city to be full of people who are happy to be here! Let us help you make the most of living in the city of big shoulders!