Because so many of our renters travel so often for work or pleasure and we want to be able to guarantee a greater peace of mind, we have been upgrading all units that we represent to have the most up-to-date safety and security features. For current tenants, this is an Opt-In opportunity but for all new tenants, we are updating the safety and security before handing over the keys. We expect this to entail the following:  

 NEST Personal Home Security system syncs with the NEST Thermostat and Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detector. The renter can enter his/her own personal information or sync the system to his/her Google account and keep tabs on the apartment that way. Alerts will also be sent to our office in case you’re out of town and we need to check in on things.  

  • Movement detectors on all outward facing doors and windows also sync to the NEST Personal Home Security to keep you peaceful in mind about your temporary home.  
  • All of the properties we represent have in-building safety and security officers including but not limited to a front door representative to check in guests, receive packages, and act as a concierge.  Any visitors, guests, or deliveries are checked in at the concierge to limit the number of folks in the building common areas.