Medical/End of Life Living

We also offer housing for end of life, palliative, hospice care and high medical needs individuals. We understand that not every apartment or home is conducive to a person undergoing an intensive medical treatment regimen or staying comfortable at their end of life.

We work with most major insurance carriers and public options like plan f vs plan g to ensure that the housing we find for you fits in your budget. The last thing you need to be thinking about when handing complex medical needs is rent and HOA fees and so forth.

We have a number of housing options in close proximity to the city’s medical districts and will work to ensure that whatever your healthcare needs are, the home will be suitable, the transit options to the care facility will be simple, and the cost will align with your budget.

Many of our medical/end of life living clients bring a caregiver, family member, or loved one with. We will also work with that person to ensure that their needs are met in their new home.